Managing and Monitoring Cloudbreak
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Operations audit logging

Cloudbreak records an audit trail of the actions performed by Cloudbreak users as well as those performed by the Cloudbreak application.

This includes actions related to creating, modifying, and deleting Cloudbreak-managed resources such as clusters, credentials, blueprints, cluster extensions, and external sources. For each action, information about the event type, resource name, resource type, timestamp, user, and status output is captured.

The output can be accessed as follows:

  • A root-level administrator can enable writing the audit logging output to a log file or Kafka queue for ingestion into log management and event correlation systems.
  • Any user can access their own logs from the UI or CLI. Similarly, any member of an organization can access the organization's logs.
Anonymization is applied to all sensitive information such as passwords, cloud credentials, access keys, and secret keys. Email addresses are included in the audit log.