Cloudbreak Release Notes
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Behavioral changes

Cloudbreak 2.9.0 introduces the following changes in behavior as compared to previous Cloudbreak versions:

As of December 31, 2021, Cloudbreak reached end of support. For more information, see Support lifecycle policy. Cloudera recommends that you migrate your workloads to CDP Public Cloud.
Affected item Description
Image catalog The image catalog was extended to include package versions. Image catalogs which do not include package versions remain valid.
Create cluster wizard > Hardware and Storage The edit view of the "Hardware and Storage" page in the create cluster wizard was divided into sub-sections to improve readability.
Create cluster wizard > Network The "Network" page in the create cluster wizard was separated into two pages: "Network and Availability" (Allows you to select network/subnet and specify subnet CIDR) and "Network Security" (Allows you to define security groups).
Create cluster wizard > Recipes The recipes selection UI was changed: To select an existing recipe, select it from the dropdown and then click "Attach".
History page The History page was removed and the "History" option is no longer available from the navigation menu.
Navigation menu The option to collapse the navigation menu was removed.
Data lake Hive Metastore has been removed from the HDP 3.x data lake blueprints, but setting up an external database allows all clusters attached to a data lake to connect to the same Hive Metastore. There is no change for HDP 2.x data lake blueprints.
Recipes Unused post-cluster scripts have been cleaned up.