DLM Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in DLM 1.1.

Hortonworks Bug ID Category Description
BUG-95554 Replication Policy Make SnapshotRetentionNumber configurable
BUG-92185 Policies UI Intermittently no policies/jobs are displayed in Policies page even when they exist
BUG-92493 Replication Policy Fixed discrepancies in capturing replication progress in different cases
BUG-91879 DLM Engine Install DLM engine option to bind on all interfaces
BUG-95070 Replication Policy Allow target HDFS path/hive db name to be different from source HDFS path/hive db name


Replication Policy Replication policy create will delete snapshots from previous replication policy


Replication Exclude .Trash directory in HDFS replication
BUG-101952 Stability Added re-connection in DLM engine in case of DB restarts
BUG-92403 Replication Handle replication between two trusted KDC clusters
BUG-102646 Replication Replication of ranger policy will not use temporary files during import of ranger policies


Replication Ranger deny policy will be created on target even when there are no ranger policies to export from source
BUG-95847 Replication Replication policy instance to be marked failed when ranger replication fails
BUG-102266 Replication Policy Handle failure while capturing replication job metrics
BUG-100326 Stability Fixed out of memory issue in DLM Engine because of filesystem leak
BUG-98797 Replication Fixed NullPointerException in ranger policy replication when one of source/target cluster doesn’t have ranger service
BUG-101157 Stability DLM Engine - added db connection timeout
BUG-100401 Replication Handle checksum failure in hive replication when source and target clusters have different blocksize
BUG-99713 Replication Logs Set log prefix correctly so that right logs are returned for replication policy instance
BUG-99712 Replication Ignore errors from close connection so that hive replication succeeds
BUG-90428 Policy UI Show databases while creating replication policy is slow.
BUG-99714 Replication Policy Ensure that only one instance of replication policy runs at a time
BUG-100634 Cluster Update Added DLM engine command for cluster update
BUG-100245 Replication DLM Engine Ranger plugin to not log exception when there are no ranger policies to export from source
BUG-98919 Replication Policy Handle replication policy for hive db name that starts with numerals or _
BUG-97452 Cluster Unpairing Block unpairing of clusters when there are suspended policies setup between the cluster pairs