DLM Release Notes
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What’s New in this Release

New features and changes have been introduced for DLM 1.1, along with documentation updates.

The DLM Service 1.1 release includes the following new features:

Feature Category Description
Replicate HDFS datasets from HDP cluster to S3 storage Cloud storage replication To enable HDFS files to be copied to S3 native cloud storage. This is a Limited GA feature. Customer is responsible to apply S3-related security policies to protect the data in the cloud.
Replicate Hive datasets from HDP cluster on-premise to HDP/S3 in cloud Cloud storage replication To enable replication of Hive dataset from on-premise/IAAS cluster to S3 storage. This requires minimal HDP cluster on the cloud with Hive Metastore and Ranger. Hive data is copied along with metadata and security policies to cloud.
TDE support for data-at-rest replication with multiple KMS and keys Encryption/ security To enable replication of data that is encrypted using either the same or a different KMS/key set
TLS support for data-in-motion replication Encryption/ security To enable data protection during data replication and control movement between the clusters
Enable automatic snapshots Replication Enabling snapshot-based HDFS replication directly through DLM UI
Support for Postgres DB for DLM Engine DB support To enable Postgres DB support for DLM Engine inside HDP cluster