DataPlane Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in DataPlane 1.2.2.

Hortonworks Bug ID Category Summary
BUG-102602 Usability DataPlane by default is showing wrong DataPlane Service versions, and has wrong doc links.
BUG-101313 Security DP should ensure logged out user tokens cannot be used for API calls
BUG-100322 Security Add XFRAME header options
BUG-100179 Security Setting Secure option on dp_jwt and hadoop-jwt cookies
BUG-91738 Security DP login session does not seem to expire
BUG-96055 Usability Validation of incorrect password should be done as part of application bootstrap
BUG-100532 Usability Removal of Clusters used in DLM UI from DP UI doesn't remove the pairing, policies or cluster definitions from Beacon
BUG-99584 Usability cluster service log is flooded with exceptions
BUG-99477 Usability Cluster geographical location is pre-populated while adding cluster
BUG-94849 Usability Error Message on DP login screen is not appropriate with invalid credentials
BUG-94840 Usability The title of some web elements under personaNav are incorrect
BUG-95958 Stability Access to a service that is not enabled is broken
BUG-95883 Stability DataPlane Top left navigation to a service does not check if it is enabled
BUG-95231 Stability Service enablement doesn't check if service is installed and running
BUG-97261 Stability Adding more than one cluster shows same cluster information for both clusters on the cluster details page