DataPlane Release Notes
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Known Issues

DataPlane has the following known issues, scheduled for resolution in a future release. Where available, a workaround has been provided.

Hortonworks Bug ID Summary

Problem: Keystore warning on Centos 7 / openJDK 8 when accessing the DP set keystore

Error Message: Warning message is printed related to keystore when configuring DataPlane:
The JCEKS keystore uses a proprietary format. It is recommended to migrate to PKCS12 
which is an industry standard format using "keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore 
/usr/dp/ -destkeystore 
/usr/dp/ -deststoretype pkcs12

Workaround: commands might occasionally print a warning as given the description above. This warning is due to the usage of a supported but proprietary keystore format for storing credentials securely. This is message harmless and can be ignored.


Problem: DataPlane session timeout occurs after 2 hours, does not account for when the user was last active.

Workaround: If session timeout occurs, re-login to DataPlane.


Problem: DP Platform should not allow cluster addition as local admin user

Description: DataPlane currently allows the local super user to log in and attempt to register clusters. However, since the local super user might not be a valid LDAP user, cluster registration or subsequent interactions might fail with authorization issues.

Workaround: Always register LDAP users in DataPlane platform via the user management functionality and register clusters only after logging in as those users.


Problem: Logout fails when you use an IP address and port for DP.

Description: If DataPlane is configured to run on a non-default port, then the logout action from the DataPlane UI fails to complete and leaves the user logged in.

Workaround:Clear the cookies in the browser session for the DataPlane domain. Specifically the cookies dp_jwt and hadoop-jwt have to be cleared if found.


Problem: LDAP setup in DataPlane will fail if the LDAP hostname is not addressable within docker containers.

Description: If the DNS name for the service cannot be addressed using standard DNS, but through a host name mapping, LDAP setup with fail. The command utils add-host <ip> <host> is not sufficient.

Workaround: Edit the /etc/hosts file using vim or other editor and save the mapping.