Installing DataPlane
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Installing DataPlane Platform as non-root user

Perform these actions as part of the installation tasks.

  1. Install Docker using the access privileged (root/sudo) user.
  2. Install the DataPlane Platform using access privileged (root/sudo) user.
    yum install dp-core
  3. Change dp directory permissions to 757 (Others permission should be 7).
    chmod -R 757 /usr/dp
  4. Switch the user to the username
    root@username-docker usr]# su username
  5. Initialize DP using a username, which is part of the Docker group.
    ./ init --all
  6. Run docker ps --format "table {{.ID}}\t{{.Names}}
    2e6342cb5172        dp-app
    f6c1d76b9c0c        dp-cluster-service
    88a321f0e44e        dp-db-service
    05de38bb55ff        dp-gateway
    a1e589b9d35b        knox
    713f88aa2b3a        dp-consul-server
    c728c2249472        dp-database

    Other DataPlane Platform administrative tasks can be performed using user (from the Docker group).