Getting Started
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General requirements for DataPlane installation

Understanding the requirements and recommendations indicated below can help to avoid common issues during and after DataPlane installation.

  • Be sure to review the DP Platform Support Matrix to confirm you meet the environment and system requirements, including Docker and networking.
  • You need to have root access to the nodes on which all DP services will be installed.
  • Every host name used with DataPlane must be resolvable by DNS or configured in the DataPlane containers, so that host names can be resolved between all cluster nodes.

    Using a DNS server is the recommended method, but if the instances are added to /etc/hosts, you must explicitly register the cluster host names within the DataPlane Docker containers. It is not sufficient to have the host names included in the /etc/hosts file on the DP Platform host. See the DP Platform Administration guide for instructions.

  • DataPlane supports only PEM-encoded certificates compatible with OpenSSL 1.0.2k or later.
  • If you are using AWS, do not use EC2 instance's the public DNS names to access DataPlane.

    Use a public IP address or set up and use a DNS (Route 53) fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

  • Have your enterprise LDAP details available.

    See Enterprise LDAP Requirements for more details.

  • Determine which DP Apps you plan to install and which cluster(s) you plan to add to DataPlane.

    Be sure to review the app-specific documentation thoroughly to make sure you can meet the app-specific requirements. For example, depending on your choice of apps, your cluster requirements might change. This includes (but is not limited to) a minimal HDP or HDF version, setup and configuration of Knox, and other cluster requirements. See Preparing Your Cluster for more details.

The high-level installation procedure involves two work streams:

Installing DataPlane & the DP Apps

Install and configure the DP Platform and your target DP Apps.

Proceed to the DP Platform Installation guide.

Preparing Your Clusters for DataPlane

Prepare your clusters, which can include upgrading, adding and configuring Knox, and adding required DP Agents (per your choice of DP Apps).

Proceed to General requirements for clusters.