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Knox Gateway proxying with DataPlane

With Knox setup and configured in your cluster, it is optional (but recommended) that you also configure Knox to be a proxy gateway for communication between your DP Instance and your cluster. You must configure Knox Gateway for proxying on the clusters you plan to use with DataPlane prior to starting the DataPlane installation process. During DataPlane installation, you will configure Knox Gateway for DataPlane.

Configuring Knox Gateway is required if your cluster is configured with Kerberos or with wire encryption. This simplifies certificate management for DataPlane, as the only security certificate that needs to be managed is for Knox.

Refer to the following documentation on how to configure your cluster for Knox Gateway:

Resource HDP 2.6 Documentation HDP 3.0 Documentation HDP 3.1 Documentation
Configure a reverse proxy with Knox HDP Security Guide, Configuring the Knox Gateway HDP Security Guide, Configuring the Knox Gateway Configuring the Knox Gateway
Configure LDAP with Knox for proxy authentication HDP Security Guide, Setting Up LDAP Authentication HDP Security Guide, Set up LDAP Authentication Configure LDAP Authentication

For more information about HDF Knox Gateway configuration, see HDF Security documentation.