Installing DataPlane
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Delete and clean up Docker containers

If you have problems with your installation or want to update a DataPlane container, you can delete the Docker containers and then install the new images.

Performing this task deletes all of your DP Platform database content, so you will have to reconfigure the LDAP and cluster registration settings after reinstalling the Docker containers.

For information about the commands and options supported by ./, use the command-line help.

You must be root user to perform this task.
  1. cd /usr/dp/current/apps/dlm/bin
  2. ./ destroy
  3. cd /usr/dp/current/core/bin
  4. ./ destroy --all
  5. docker ps
    This ensures that no containers are running. If you see any, kill them with docker kill.
  6. Go to Initialize DataPlane and run the original DataPlane deployment commands starting with ./ init --all.