HCP 1.9.0 Release Notes
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Known Differences Between HCP 1.9.0 and HCP 1.8.0

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.9.0 and HCP 1.8.0.

Table 1. Known Differences Between HCP 1.9.0 and HCP 1.8.0
Feature Description
METRON-2030 SensorParserGroupControllerIntegrationTest intermittent errors
METRON-2031 Turning off initial search request and polling by default on Alerts UI
METRON-2012 Unable to Execute Stellar Functions Against HBase in the REPL
METRON-1971 Short timeout value in Cypress may cause build failures
METRON-1940 Check if not and install Elastic search templates / Solr collections when indexing server is restarted
METRON-2019 Improve Metron REST Logging
METRON-2016 Parser aggregate groups should be persisted and available through REST
METRON-1987 Upgrade Alert UI to stable Bootstrap 4
METRON-1968 Messages are lost when a parser produces multiple messages and batch size is greater than 1
METRON-1778 Out-of-order timestamps may delay flush in Storm Profiler
METRON-1996 Solr search throws NPE for group search if the group parameter is null or empty
METRON-1944 Unable to Delete a Comment in Alerts UI
METRON-2010 Unable to Build Metron Due to Inaccessible Repository
METRON-1998 Only one sensor is flushed by tick tuple
METRON-2009 Address Javadoc checkstyle issues in metron-common
METRON-2005 Batch Writer writes 0-byte files to HDFS on rotation
METRON-2007 Management UI not loading grok statements correctly
METRON-1986 Batch Profiler Fails to Resolve Stats Stellar Functions
METRON-1993 Stellar REST_GET should handle responses when content length is less than zero
METRON-1999 Adding validation against special characters to parser name field
METRON-1985 Improve Error Handling When Cannot Connect to HBase
METRON-1974 Batch Profiler Should Handle Errant Profiles Better
METRON-1970 Add Metadata to Error Messages Generated During Parsing
METRON-1995 Arrow icon in date range selector moved to a wrong position
METRON-1973 Upgrade Alert UI's webpack-dev-server to 3.1.14
METRON-1948 Dropped messages from REGEX_SELECT parser field transformation are not acked in Storm
METRON-1969 Adding Cypress documentation to Alert UI's README.md
METRON-1933 mprove build-utils helper scripts
METRON-1962 Make entering JDBC details in REST config to be optionaln
METRON-1929 Build GET_ASN Stellar function
METRON-1956 prepare-commit does not run all the tests it should