HCP 1.9.0 Release Notes
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Known Issues

The HCP 1.9.0 release has the following known issues:

  • During HCP installation, some versions of Zeppelin might fail to install. If the Zeppelin notebooks are not installed, import the Apache Zeppelin Notebook manually.

  • The Kerberization process might lock solr directories. If this occurs you will see the following message in the logs: is locked (lockType=hdfs). Throwing exception. and you will not see Solr alerts in the Alerts UI. If this issue occurs, remove the write.lock file located at /solr/bro/core_node1/data-index/write.lock or, in Ambari, navigate to Solr > config > Advanced solr-hdfs and check the Delete write.lock files on HDFS checkbox. After you have deleted the write.lock file, restart Solr.

  • When running a large sized PCAP query, the REST API can die silently if the result set exceeds the memory available to the REST server.
  • On Kerberized clusters Storm rebalances can fail to correctly distribute tickets. This can be resolved by running storm upload-credentials against each topology.