MiNiFi Quick Start
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Setting up Your Dataflow

You can use the following information to set up your MiNiFi dataflow.

Before you begin, you should be aware that the following NiFi components are not supported in MiNiFi dataflows:

  • Funnels

  • Multiple source relationships for a single connection

  • Process groups

Additionally, each processor requires a distinct name.

You can use the MiNiFi Toolkit, located in your MiNiFi installation directory, and any NiFi instance to set up the dataflow you want MiNiFi to run:

  1. Launch NiFi.
  2. Create a dataflow.
  3. Convert your dataflow into a template.

    You can use one template at a time, per MiNiFi instance.

  4. Download your template as an .xml file.
  5. From the MiNiFi Toolkit, run the following command to turn your .xml file into a .yml file: transform input_file output_file
  6. Move your new .yml file to minifi/conf.
  7. Rename your .yml file config.yml.

Once you have your config.yml file in the minifi/conf directory, launch that instance of MiNiFi and your dataflow begins automatically.