Integrating with Schema Registry
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Integrating Kafka and Schema Registry Using NiFi Processors

If you are using an Ambari-managed HDF cluster with Schema Registry, NiFi, and Kafka installed, you can use NiFi Processors to integrate Schema Registry with Kafka.

  1. Integrate NiFi with Schema Registry.
  2. Build your NiFi dataflow.
  3. At the point in your dataflow where you want to either consume from a Kafka topic, or publish to a Kafka topic, add one of the following two Processors:
    • ConsumeKafkaRecord_0_10

    • PublishKafkaRecord_0_10

  4. Configure your Kafka Processor with the following information:
    • Kafka Brokers – Provide a comma-separated list of Kafka Brokers you want to use in your dataflow.

    • Topic Name – The name of the Kafka topic to which you want to publish or from which you want to consume data.

    • Record Reader – Provide the Controller Service you want to use to read incoming FlowFile records.

    • Record Writer – Provide the Controller Service you want to use to serialize record data before sending it to Kafka.