Integrating with Schema Registry
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Setting up the HortonworksSchemaRegistry Controller Service

To configure Schema Registry to communicate with NiFi dataflows, the first thing you must do is tell NiFi about the Schema Registry instance with which you want to communicate. You do this from the NiFi UI, using the HortonworksSchemaRegistry Controller Service.

You have already installed Schema Registry.

  1. From the Global Menu, click Controller Settings and select Controller Services tab.
  2. Click the + icon to display the Add Controller Service dialog.
  3. Use the Filter box to search for HortonworksSchemaRegistry and click Add.
  4. Click the Edit icon to display the Configure Controller Service dialog.
  5. Provide the Schema Registry URL with which you want NiFi to communicate and click Apply.

    If you are running an Ambari-managed cluster, you can find this value in the Streaming Analytics Manager Service in Ambari for the configuration property called registry.url. The URL looks similar to http://$REGISTRY_SERVER:7788/api/v1.

  6. Enable this HortonworksSchemaRegistry by clicking the Enable icon, selecting the Scope, and clicking Enable.