Apache NiFi Security Reference
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Below is an example and description of configuring a Login Identity Provider that integrates with a Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) to authenticate users.

Set the following in nifi.properties to enable Kerberos username/password authentication:


Modify login-identity-providers.xml to enable the kerberos-provider. Here is the sample provided in the file:

    <property name="Default Realm">NIFI.APACHE.ORG</property>
    <property name="Authentication Expiration">12 hours</property>

The kerberos-provider has the following properties:

Property Name Description
Authentication Expiration

The duration of how long the user authentication is valid for. If the user never logs out, they will be required to log back in following this duration.

Default Realm

Default realm to provide when user enters incomplete user principal (i.e. NIFI.APACHE.ORG).

See also Kerberos Service documentation to allow single sign-on access via client Kerberos tickets.

For changes to nifi.properties and login-identity-providers.xml to take effect, NiFi needs to be restarted. If NiFi is clustered, configuration files must be the same on all nodes.