Apache NiFi Security Reference
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Configuring Users & Access Policies

Depending on the capabilities of the configured UserGroupProvider and AccessPolicyProvider the users, groups, and policies will be configurable in the UI. If the extensions are not configurable the users, groups, and policies will read-only in the UI. If the configured authorizer does not use UserGroupProvider and AccessPolicyProvider the users and policies may or may not be visible and configurable in the UI based on the underlying implementation.

This section assumes the users, groups, and policies are configurable in the UI and describes:

  • How to create users and groups

  • How access policies are used to define authorizations

  • How to view policies that are set on a user

  • How to configure access policies by walking through specific examples

Instructions requiring interaction with the UI assume the application is being accessed by User1, a user with administrator privileges, such as the "Initial Admin Identity" user or a converted legacy admin user (see Authorizers.xml Setup).