Release Notes
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Behavior Changes

Behavioral changes denote a marked change in behavior from the previously released version to this version of software.

The followings are the behavioral changes in Apache NiFi component in this release:

Removal of Auto-Create Partitions Property


The Auto-Create Partitions property was removed from the PutHive3Streaming processor. It causes existing instances of this processor to become invalid. The property would appear as an unsupported user-defined property.

Expected user action

You must remove this property to return the processor to a valid state.

Change in CompressContent


CompressContent has been updated to specify the compression level when using XZ-LZMA2 compression whereas before it was unspecified. The default is level 1 now.

CompressContent had previously only used that property for GZIP compression.

Expected user action

If you wish to see higher levels of compression (and CPU effort) you might wish to set this value higher.

Change in PutKudu Processor


PutKudu processor is updated to handle the timestamp type more transparently or seamlessly.

PutKudu processor - while NIFI-6551 fixes flows writing to Kudu timestamp (UNIXTIME_MICROS) columns through timestamp or date fields. This change could break PutKudu processors that are writing to Kudu timestamp (UNIXTIME_MICROS) columns through numeric fields. Before this change, flows would often multiply millisecond values by 1000 to write microsecond values to Kudu.

Expected user action

On upgrade, this multiplication should be removed and milliseconds should be sent.