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NiFi Patches

This release provides NiFi 1.11.4 and the listed Apache patches.

The NiFi version in HDF is NiFi, which includes fixes that is available in Apache NiFi 1.11.4 as well as additional improvements.
  • NIFI-4792: Allow QueryRecord processor to query nested arrays.
  • NIFI-6064: MockComponentLog misplaces reported exceptions.
  • NIFI-6491: Improve installation documentation.
  • NIFI-6551: Improve timestamp handling for PutKudu processor.
  • NIFI-6867: PutKudu operation type parameter allows bad values.
  • NIFI-6927: PutElasticsearchHttp 1.10.0 with java 11 Fails to initialize due to "clientBuilder.sslSockerFactory(SSLSocketFactory) not supported on JDK 9+.
  • NIFI-6958: Disabled State in Registry (in Sub PG) breaks Flow Update on Nifi Side.
  • NIFI-6968: Create Connection Modal Allows Multiple Adds.
  • NIFI-7049: SFTP processors shouldn't silently try to access known hosts file of the user.
  • NIFI-7053: Update Toolkit Guide with macOS 10.15 trusted certificate requirements (2048 bit key and max of 825 days of validity).
  • NIFI-7067: Allow a user and group with the same name/identity to exist.
  • NIFI-7075: Update list of flowfile core attributes in Developer Guide.
  • NIFI-7082: In tls-toolkit, change default validity of to 825 days or less.
  • NIFI-7095: ResetSetRecordSet: handle java.sql.Array Types in normalizeValue method.
  • NIFI-7105: NPE in SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask for counters.
  • NIFI-7106: Add parent name and parent path in SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask.
  • NIFI-7108: Upgrade
  • NIFI-7109: Unit tests should be able to determine if item validator was called.
  • NIFI-7114: NiFi not closing file handles.
  • NIFI-7117: Load Balance is not working.
  • NIFI-7132: PutCassandraQL is handling UUIDs as Strings.
  • NIFI-7135: Fix Java 11 build with dependency.
  • NIFI-7136: Set the autocomplete HTML5 tag to false for username/password login fields.
  • NIFI-7142: Automatically handle schema drift in the PutKudu processor.
  • NIFI-7143: Upgrade GCP dependency.
  • NIFI-7157: Investigate adoption of Github Workflow - Actions - CI.
  • NIFI-7165: Update documentation for Toolkit certificate validity period to 825 days.
  • NIFI-7175: Fix formatting of core attributes in docs.

For more information on fixed Apache NiFi patches, see