Adding Functionality to Apache NiFi
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A Restricted component is one that can be used to execute arbitrary unsanitized code provided by the operator through the NiFi REST API/UI or can be used to obtain or alter data on the NiFi host system using the NiFi OS credentials. These components could be used by an otherwise authorized NiFi user to go beyond the intended use of the application, escalate privilege, or could expose data about the internals of the NiFi process or the host system. All of these capabilities should be considered privileged, and admins should be aware of these capabilities and explicitly enable them for a subset of trusted users.

A Processor, Controller Service, or Reporting Task can be marked with the @Restricted annotation. This will result in the component being treated as restricted and will require a user to be explicitly added to the list of users who can access restricted components. Once a user is permitted to access restricted components, they will be allowed to create and modify those components assuming all other permissions are permitted. Without access to restricted components, a user will still be aware these types of components exist but will be unable to create or modify them even with otherwise sufficient permissions.