Adding Functionality to Apache NiFi
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Documenting Capability and Keywords

The org.apache.nifi.annotation.documentation package provides Java annotations that can be used to document components. The CapabilityDescription annotation can be added to a Processor, Reporting Task, or Controller Service and is intended to provide a brief description of the functionality provided by the component. The Tags annotation has a value variable that is defined to be an Array of Strings. As such, it is used by providing multiple values as a comma-separated list of Strings with curly braces. These values are then incorporated into the UI by allowing users to filter the components based on a tag (i.e., a keyword). Additionally, the UI provides a tag cloud that allows users to select the tags that they want to filter by. The tags that are largest in the cloud are those tags that exist the most on the components in that instance of NiFi. An example of using these annotations is provided below:

         @Tags({"example", "documentation", "developer guide", "processor", "tags"})
@CapabilityDescription("Example Processor that provides no real functionality but is provided" +
  " for an example in the Developer Guide")
public static final ExampleProcessor extends Processor {