Adding Functionality to Apache NiFi
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Documenting Properties

Individual properties can be documented by calling the description method of a PropertyDescriptor's builder as such:

         public static final PropertyDescriptor MY_PROPERTY = new PropertyDescriptor.Builder()
  .name("My Property")
  .description("Description of the Property")

If the property is to provide a set of allowable values, those values are presented to the user in a drop-down field in the UI. Each of those values can also be given a description:

         public static final AllowableValue EXTENSIVE = new AllowableValue("Extensive", "Extensive",
  "Everything will be logged - use with caution!");
public static final AllowableValue VERBOSE = new AllowableValue("Verbose", "Verbose",
  "Quite a bit of logging will occur");
public static final AllowableValue REGULAR = new AllowableValue("Regular", "Regular",
  "Typical logging will occur");

public static final PropertyDescriptor LOG_LEVEL = new PropertyDescriptor.Builder()
  .name("Amount to Log")
  .description("How much the Processor should log")