Adding Functionality to Apache NiFi
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Consider the User

One of the most important concepts to keep in mind when developing a Processor (or any other component) is the user experience that you are creating. It's important to remember that as the developer of such a component, you may have important knowledge about the context that others do not have. Documentation should always be supplied so that those less familiar with the process are able to use it with ease.

When thinking about the user experience, it is also important to note that consistency is very important. It is best to stick with the standard Naming Convention. This is true for Processor names, Property names and value, Relationship names, and any other aspect that the user will experience.

Simplicity is crucial! Avoid adding properties that you don't expect users to understand or change. As developers, we are told that hard-coding values is bad. But this sometimes results in developers exposing properties that, when asked for clarification, tell users to just leave the default value. This leads to confusion and complexity.