NiFi Authorization
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Access Policy Inheritance

An administrator does not need to manually create policies for every component in the dataflow. To reduce the amount of time admins spend on authorization management, policies are inherited from parent resource to child resource.

For example, if a user is given access to view and modify a process group, that user can also view and modify the components in the process group. Policy inheritance enables an administrator to assign policies at one time and have the policies apply throughout the entire dataflow.

You can override an inherited policy (as described in the Moving a Processor example below). Overriding a policy removes the inherited policy, breaking the chain of inheritance from parent to child, and creates a replacement policy to add users as desired. Inherited policies and their users can be restored by deleting the replacement policy.

"View the policies" and "modify the policies" component-level access policies are an exception to this inherited behavior. When a user is added to either policy, they are added to the current list of administrators. They do not override higher level administrators. For this reason, only component specific administrators are displayed for the "view the policies" and "modify the policies" access policies.

You cannot modify the users/groups on an inherited policy. Users and groups can only be added or removed from a parent policy or an override policy.