NiFi Authorization
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Editing a Connection

Assume User1 or User2 adds a ReplaceText processor to the root process group:

User1 can select and change the existing connection (between GenerateFlowFile to LogAttribute) to now connect GenerateFlowFile to ReplaceText:

User 2 is unable to perform this action.

To allow User2 to connect GenerateFlowFile to ReplaceText, as User1:

  1. Select the root process group. The Operate palette is updated with details for the root process group.
  2. Select the Access Policies icon ().
  3. Select "view the component" from the policy drop-down.
  4. Select the Add User icon (). Find or enter User2 and select OK.

Being added to both the view and modify policies for the process group, User2 can now connect the GenerateFlowFile processor to the ReplaceText processor.