Chapter 1. Hadoop Service Accounts

This topic provides information about the service users for Hadoop.

HDP creates the following service users:


You must always execute the script file to ensure that these users are created by the installer.

The user names for these service users cannot be modified.

Table 1.1. Hadoop Service Accounts
HDP Service User Name Notes
HDFS hdfs NameNode, Secondary NameNode, and the DataNodes run as the hdfs user.
MapReduce mapred JobTracker, Job HistoryServer, and the TaskTrackers run as the mapred user.
HBase hbase HBase Master and the RegionServers run as the hbase user.
Hive hive Hive Metastore and HiveServer2 run as the hive user.
HCatalog hcat HCatalog runs as the hcat user. WebHCat Server also runs as the hcat user.
ZooKeeper zookeeper ZooKeeper server runs as the zookeeper user.
Oozie oozie Oozie server runs as the oozie user.