4. Optional - Configure Monitoring Using Ganglia

For each of the newly added slave node, complete the following instructions in order to use Ganglia for monitoring and metrics collection:

  1. On each new host, install the Ganglia gmond:

    • On RHEL and CentOS:

      yum install ganglia-gmond-3.2.0-99
    • On SLES:

      zypper install ganglia-gmond-3.2.0-99

  2. Copy the HDP Ganglia scripts from any existing slave node to the newly added node:

    mkdir -p /usr/libexec/hdp/ganglia
    scp root@$FQDN_of_any_existing_node:/usr/libexec/hdp/ganglia/*

  3. Configure the gmond emitter:

    /usr/libexec/hdp/ganglia/setupGanglia.sh -c HDPSlaves

  4. Edit the /etc/ganglia/hdp/HDPSlaves/conf.d/gmond.slave.confto validate the slave configuration files.

    Ensure that host points to the Ganglia server master node as shown below:

    host = $Ganglia_server_hostname
  5. Copy Ganglia service start file from any existing slave node to each of the newly added node:

    scp root@$existing_node:/etc/init.d/hdp-gmond /etc/init.d
    /etc/init.d/hdp-gmond start

    This step will start Ganglia monitoring for your Hadoop cluster.