Hortonworks Data Platform

YARN Resource Management



1. Capacity Scheduler
1. Enabling Capacity Scheduler
2. Setting up Queues
3. Hierarchical Queue Characteristics
4. Scheduling Among Queues
5. Controlling Access to Queues with ACLs
6. Managing Cluster Capacity with Queues
7. Resource Distribution Workflow
8. Resource Distribution Workflow Example
9. Setting User Limits
10. Application Reservations
11. Starting and Stopping Queues
12. Setting Application Limits
13. Preemption
14. Preemption Workflow
15. Preemption Configuration
16. Scheduler User Interface
2. CGroups
1. Enabling CGroups
2. Using CGroups
3. CPU Scheduling
1. Enabling CPU Scheduling
2. Using CPU Scheduling
3. Dominant Resource Fairness (DRF)
4. Log Aggregation for Long-running Applications
1. Enable Log Aggregation
2. Including and Excluding Log Files in YARN Applications Running on Slider
5. Node Labels
1. Configuring Node Labels
2. Using Node Labels
6. Running Applications on YARN Using Slider
1. System Requirements
2. Operating System Requirements
3. Installing Apache Slider
4. Running Applications on Slider
4.1. The Slider Application Package
4.2. Install the Application Package
4.3. Start the Application
4.4. Verify the Application
4.5. Manage the Application Lifecycle
4.6. The Application Registry
5. Running HBase on YARN via Slider
5.1. Downloading and Installing the HBase Application Package
5.2. Configuring HBase on YARN via Slider
5.3. Configuring HBase on YARN on Secure Clusters
5.4. Components in HBase on YARN
5.5. Launching an HBase Application Instance
5.6. Deployment Considerations
6. Running Storm on YARN via Slider
6.1. Downloading and Installing the Storm Application Package
6.2. Configuring Storm on YARN
6.3. Configuring Storm on YARN on Secure Clusters
6.4. Launching a Storm Application Instance
6.5. Deployment Considerations
7. Running Accumulo on YARN via Slider
7.1. Downloading and Installing the Accumulo Application Package
7.2. Configuring Accumulo on YARN
7.3. Configuring Accumulo on YARN on Secure Clusters
7.4. Launching an Accumulo Application Instance
7.5. Client Connections to Accumulo and Retrieving Effective accumulo-site.xml
7.6. Deployment Considerations
7. Running Multiple MapReduce Versions Using the YARN Distributed Cache
8. Timeline Server
1. Configuring the Timeline Server
2. Enabling Generic Data Collection
3. Configuring Per-Framework Data Collection
4. Configuring the Timeline Server Store
5. Configuring Timeline Server Security
6. Running the Timeline Server
7. Accessing Generic Data from the Command- Line
8. Publishing Per-Framework Data in Applications
9. Using the YARN REST APIs to Manage Applications
10. Work-Preserving Restart
1. Configuring the ResourceManager for Work-Preserving Restart
2. Configuring NodeManagers for Work-Preserving Restart

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