6.4. Launching a Storm Application Instance


The application instance can only be launched by the user specified in the site.global.app_user in the Storm appConfig.json file.

Use the following command format to launch Storm:

su <user>
/usr/hdp/current/slider-client/bin/./slider create <storm_cluster_name> --template appConfig.json --resources resources.json

Where <user> is the user who installed the Storm application package.

For example:

su <user>
/usr/hdp/current/slider-client/bin/./slider create storm1 --template /usr/work/app-packages/storm/appConfig.json --resources /usr/work/app-packages/storm/resources.json

Cluster names may not contain uppercase characters.

You can use the Slider CLI status command to verify the application launch:

/usr/hdp/current/slider-client/bin/./slider status <application_name>

The successful launch of the Storm application can also be verified via the YARN Resource Manager Web UI. This UI is usually accessible via a Web browser at port 8088 of the Resource Manager Host:

The specific information for the running application is accessible via the “ApplicationMaster” link that can be seen in the far right column of the row associated with the running application (probably the top row):

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