3. Ranger Settings

In Ranger Settings, update the following fields shown in the figure and table below.


Table 3.3. Ranger Settings

Configuration Property NameDescriptionDefault ValueExample ValueRequired?
External URLThe Ranger Admin host.  Yes
HTTP EnabledCheckbox used to specify whether HTTP authentication should be enabled.  No
Used to create user and assign permisssionValue used to create users and assign permissions.  Yes
Used to create group and assign permissionValue used to create groups and assign permissions.  Yes
Authentication methodThe type of authentication method used to log into the Policy Admin tool. Only users created within the Policy Admin tool may log in. Types of authentication are: LDAP, Active_Directory, and UNIXNoneNoneYes
Allow remote loginFlag to enable/disable remote login via UNIX Authentication Mode.TRUETRUEYes, if UNIX authentication_mode is selected.
authServiceHostNameServer Name (or IP address) where ranger-usersync module is running (along with UNIX Authentication Service).localhost



Yes, if UNIX authentication_method is selected.
authService PortThe port number where ranger-usersync module is running the UNIX Authentication Service.51515151Yes, if UNIX authentication_method is selected.