Chapter 3. Ranger Installation

Installing Ranger using the Ambari UI requires you to perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the Ranger Admin interface with your user credentials.

  2. In the left navigation page, click on the Actions button to display the Actions drop-down menu.

  3. Click on Add Service.


    Figure 3.1. Installing Ranger Add Service

  4. The Ranger Requirements page is then displayed. On this page, ensure you have met all of the requirements listed and click on the I have met all the requirements above checkbox. Select the Proceed box to continue with the installation and configuration.


    Figure 3.2. Installing Ranger Ranger Requirements

  5. The Choose Services page is displayed. Select Ranger from the list of services.


    Figure 3.3. Installing Ranger Choose Services

  6. You are then prompted to select the host where Ranger Admin will be installed. This host should have DB admin access to the Ranger DB host and usersync. The figure below shows Ranger Admin and Usersync being installed on the same host.


    Figure 3.4. Installing Ranger Assign Masters

  7. After selecting the host, update the properties listed in the sections below.

  8. Once you have entered all the values in the Customize Services tab, review all the information and click Deploy.