Upgrading HDP Manually
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Remove Existing Startup Files and Symbolic Links

In order to ensure that your Ranger components are upgraded correctly, and there are no conflicts between versions, you should remove any existing startup files and symbolic links from the previous Ranger 2.2 version. The steps you need to follow to remove these files and links are described below.

  1. Remove the Policy Manager startup files.

    rm -f /etc/init.d/xapolicymgr
  2. Remove the Policy Manager symbolic links.

    rm -rf /etc/rc*.d/*xapolicymgr
  3. Remove the UserSync startup files.

    rm -f /etc/rc*.d/*uxugsync
  4. Remove the UserSync symbolic links.

    rm -rf /etc/rc*.d/uxugsync
  5. Remove the Policy Manager library files.

    rm -f /usr/lib/xapolicymgr
  6. Remove the UserSync library files.

    rm -f /usr/lib/uxugsync