Apache Hadoop High Availability
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Install HDP

Use the following instructions to install HDP on your cluster hardware. Ensure that you specify the virtual machine (configured in the previous section) as your NameNode.

  1. Download the Apache Ambari repository using the instructions provided in " Download the Ambari Repository" in the Automated Install with Ambari guide.


    Do not start the Ambari server until you have configured the relevant templates as outlined in the following steps.

  2. Edit the <master-install-machine-for-Hive-Metastore>/etc/hive/conf.server/hive-site.xml configuration file to add the following properties:

    • Provide the URI for the client to contact Metastore server. The following property can have a comma separated list when your cluster has multiple Hive Metastore servers.

       <name> hive.metastore.uris </name>
       <value> thrift://$Hive_Metastore_Server_Host_Machine_FQDN </value>
       <description> URI for client to contact metastore server </description>
    • Configure Hive cluster delegation token storage class.

       <name> hive.cluster.delegation.token.store.class </name>
       <value> org.apache.hadoop.hive.thrift.DBTokenStore </value>
    • Complete HDP installation.