Apache Hadoop High Availability
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1. High Availability for Hive Metastore
Use Cases and Failover Scenarios
Software Configuration
Install HDP
Update the Hive Metastore
Validate configuration
2. Deploying Multiple HiveServer2 Instances for High Availability
Adding an Additional HiveServer2 to Your Cluster Manually
Adding an Additional HiveServer2 to a Cluster with Ambari
3. HiveServer2 High Availability via ZooKeeper
How ZooKeeper Manages HiveServer2 Requests
Dynamic Service Discovery Through ZooKeeper
Rolling Upgrade for HiveServer2 Through ZooKeeper
4. High Availability for HBase
Introduction to HBase High Availability
Propagating Writes to Region Replicas
Timeline Consistency
Configuring HA Reads for HBase
Creating Highly-Available HBase Tables
Querying Secondary Regions
Monitoring Secondary Region Replicas
HBase Cluster Replication for Geographic Data Distribution
HBase Cluster Replication Overview
Managing and Configuring HBase Cluster Replication
Verifying Replicated HBase Data
HBase Cluster Replication Details
HBase Replication Metrics
Replication Configuration Options
Monitoring Replication Status
5. Namenode High Availability
Hardware Resources
Deploy NameNode HA Cluster
Configure NameNode HA Cluster
Deploy NameNode HA Cluster
Deploy Hue with an HA Cluster
Deploy Oozie with an HA Cluster
Operating a NameNode HA cluster
Configure and Deploy NameNode Automatic Failover
Configuring Oozie Failover
Appendix: Administrative Commands
6. Resource Manager High Availability
Hardware Resources
Deploy ResourceManager HA Cluster
Configure Manual or Automatic ResourceManager Failover
Deploy the ResourceManager HA Cluster
Minimum Settings for Automatic ResourceManager HA Configuration
Testing ResourceManager HA on a Single Node
Deploy Hue with a ResourceManager HA Cluster
7. Apache Ranger High Availability
Configuring Ranger Admin HA
Configuring Ranger Admin HA (Without SSL)
Configuring Ranger Admin HA (With SSL)