Apache Zeppelin Component Guide
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Launching Zeppelin

To launch Zeppelin in your browser, access the host and port associated with the Zeppelin server. The default port is 9995:


When you first connect to Zeppelin, you will see the home page:

The following menus are available in the top banner of all Zeppelin pages:

  • Notebook: open a note, filter the list of notes by name, or create a note

  • User settings: listed as your username, or "anonymous" if your Zeppelin deployment uses the default Shiro configuration.

    • List version information about Zeppelin

    • Review interpreter settings and configure, add, or remove interpreter instances

    • Save credentials for data sources

    • Display configuration settings

Each instance of Zeppelin contains "notes", which are the fundamental elements of a Zeppelin notebook.

Zeppelin lists available notes on the left side of the welcome screen and in the "Notebook" menu. Zeppelin ships with several sample notes, including tutorials: