Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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Refreshing YARN Queues with Changed Settings

YARN capacity can be changed without restarting the cluster by using the command-line interface or by using Ambari.

Using the Command-Line Interface

Change queue properties and add new queues by editing the conf/capacity-scheduler.xml file, and then run yarn rmadmin -refreshQueues:

$ vi $HADOOP_CONF_DIR/capacity-scheduler.xml
$ $HADOOP_YARN_HOME/bin/yarn rmadmin -refreshQueues

Queues cannot be deleted. Currently, only adding new queues is supported. The collective queue capacities must equal 100% in the queue configuration. For example, if you have two queues in your configuration and one queue's capacity is set to 25%, the other queue's capacity must be set to 75%.

Using Ambari

The Ambari Capacity Scheduler View allows the option to refresh the queue capacity by using the Actions menu on the top left of the page in Ambari. In versions of Ambari before 2.1 and HDP 2.3, you must refresh the queue configuration by selecting Refresh YARN Capacity Scheduler on the Service Actions menu of the YARN page in Ambari.