HDFS Administration
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Files and Directories


Do not attempt to modify metadata directories or files. Unexpected modifications can cause HDFS downtime, or even permanent data loss. This information is provided for educational purposes only.

Persistence of HDFS metadata broadly consist of two categories of files:


Contains the complete state of the file system at a point in time. Every file system modification is assigned a unique, monotonically increasing transaction ID. An fsimage file represents the file system state after all modifications up to a specific transaction ID.

edits file

Contains a log that lists each file system change (file creation, deletion or modification) that was made after the most recent fsimage.

Checkpointing is the process of merging the content of the most recent fsimage, with all edits applied after that fsimage is merged, to create a new fsimage. Checkpointing is triggered automatically by configuration policies or manually by HDFS administration commands.