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Apache Ranger can be installed either manually using the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) or the Ambari User Interface (UI). Unlike the manual installation process, which requires you to perform a number of installation steps, installing Ranger using the Ambari UI is simpler and easier. The Ranger service option will be made available through the Add Service wizard after the HDP cluster is installed using the installation wizard.

Once Ambari has been installed and configured, you can use the Add Service wizard to install the following components:

After these components are installed and started, you can enable Ranger plugins by navigating to each individual Ranger service (HDFS, HBase, Hiveserver2, Storm, Knox, YARN, and Kafka) and modifying the configuration under advanced ranger-<service>-plugin-properties.

Note that when you enable a Ranger plugin, you will need to restart the component.


Enabling Apache Storm or Apace Kafka requires you to enable Kerberos. To enable Kerberos on your cluster, see Enabling Kerberos Authentication Using Ambari.


On fresh HDP-2.6 installs (on Ambari 2.5.0), the Ranger DB setup is performed the first time Ranger starts up. (In previous versions, the Ranger DB setup was done during installation). This means that Ranger may take longer than previously to start up the first time, but subsequent restarts should be as fast as before.