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Configure a Storm Service

Use the following steps to add a service to Storm:

  1. On the Service Manager page, click the Add icon () next to Storm.

    The Create Service page appears.

  2. Enter the following information on the Create Service page:

    Table 3.36. Service Details

    Field name


    Service Name

    The name of the service; required when configuring agents.


    A description of the service.

    Active Status

    Enabled or Disabled.

    Select Tag ServiceSelect a tag-based service to apply the service and its tag-based policies to Storm.

    Table 3.37. Config Properties

    Field name



    The end system username that can be used for connection.


    The password for the username entered above.

    Nimbus URL

    Host name of nimbus format, in the form: http://ipaddress:8080.

    This field was formerly named nimbus.url.

    Common Name For Certificate

    The name of the certificate.

    This field is interchangeably named Common Name For Certificate and Ranger Plugin SSL CName in Create Service pages.

    Add New Configurations

    Add any other new configuration(s).

  3. Click Test Connection.

  4. Click Add.