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Apache Sqoop Connectors

Sqoop uses a connector-based architecture which supports plugins that provide connectivity to external systems. Using specialized connectors that work with JDBC drivers, Sqoop connects with external systems that have optimized import and export facilities. Connectors also enable Sqoop to connect with external systems that do not support native JDBC. Connectors are plugin components based on the Sqoop extension framework and can be added to any existing Sqoop installation.

It might be necessary to download and install JDBC drivers for some connectors to function correctly. You can obtain JDBC drivers from the client distribution for your external system's operating system or from the manufacturer of your external system. To install, copy the JDBC driver to the $SQOOP_HOME/lib directory of your Sqoop installation.

Hortonworks provides the following connectors for Sqoop in the HDP 2 distribution:

A Sqoop connector for Teradata is available from the Hortonworks Add-ons page:

  • Teradata connector: The connector and its documentation can be downloaded from the Hortonworks Downloads page. Search the page for "Teradata".