Data Movement and Integration
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Chapter 5. Considerations for Using Falcon

Before implementing Falcon, ensure that you review the following requirements and limitations. Contact Hortonworks Support if you have questions about your environment or configuration.

  • Versions

    • HDP 2.5.3

      Supports Falcon with HiveDR, but see all comments that follow for some limitations

    • Ambari 2.4

      Supports multiple cluster configurations and has improved support for Falcon

  • Kerberos

    The following are supported on HDP 2.5 or later:

    • Falcon with Kerberos

    • Cross-realm clusters

    • Kerberos with HA configuration

  • Encryption

    The following are supported on HDP 2.5 or later:

    • Wire encryption

    • TDE encryption

  • Sizing

    • Cross-cluster link bandwidth should be a minimum of 1Gbps

    • Datasets should be 10TB or less per data warehouse

If you are considering using HiveDR, also review the "Important Considerations" in Mirroring Data with HiveDR in a Secure Environment.