Configuring Wire Encryption
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Enable SSL for Accumulo

One of the major features added in Accumulo 1.6.0 was the ability to configure Accumulo so that the Thrift communications will run over SSL. Apache Thrift is the remote procedure call library that is leveraged for both intra-server and client communication with Accumulo. Issuing these calls over a secure socket ensures that unwanted actors cannot inspect the traffic sent across the wire. Given the sometimes sensitive nature of data stored in Accumulo and the authentication details for users, secure communications are critical.

Due to the complex and deployment-specific nature of the security model for some systems, Accumulo expects users to provide their own certificates, guaranteeing that they are, in fact, secure. However, for those who require security but do not already operate within the confines of an established security infrastructure, OpenSSL and the Java keytool command can be used to generate the necessary components to enable wire encryption.

To enable SSL with Accumulo, it is necessary to generate a certificate authority and certificates that are signed by that authority. Typically, each client and server has its own certificate, which provides the finest level of control over a secure cluster when the certificates are properly secured.