Configuring Wire Encryption
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Configure Accumulo Clients

How to configure Accumulo clients when enabling SSL for Accumulo.

To configure Accumulo clients, use $HOME/.accumulo/config. This is a simple Java properties file: each line is a configuration, key, and value separated by a space, and lines beginning with a # symbol are ignored. For example, if we generated a certificate and placed it in a keystore (as described above), we would generate the following file for the Accumulo client.

instance.rpc.ssl.enabled true  /path/to/client-keystore.jks  client-password  /path/to/truststore.jks  truststore-password

When creating a ZooKeeperInstance, the implementation will automatically look for this configuration file and set up a connection with the methods defined in this file. The ClientConfiguration class also contains methods that can be used instead of a configuration file on the file system. Again, the paths to the keystore and truststore are on the local file system, not HDFS.