Integrating Apache Hive with Spark and BI
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Visualizing Apache Hive data using Superset

Using Apache Ambari, you can add Apache Superset to your cluster, connect to Hive, and visualize Hive data in insightful ways, such a chart or an aggregation.

Apache Superset is a technical preview in HDP 3.0 installed in Ambari by default and available as a service. Apache Superset is a data exploration platform for interactively visualizing data from diverse data sources, such as Hive and Druid. Superset supports more than 30 types of visualizations. In this task, you add Superset to a node in a cluster, start Superset, and connect Superset to Hive.

  • You logged into Ambari and started the following components:
    • HiveServer
    • Hive Metastore
    • A database for the Superset metastore, such as the default MySQL Server
    • Hive clients
  • You have a user name and password to access Hive.
  • You have read, write, and execute permission to /user and /apps/hive/warehouse on HDFS.