Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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Enable interactive query

You need to enable interactive query to take advantage of low-latency analytical processing (LLAP) of Hive queries.

The Interactive Query control displays a range of values for default Maximum Total Concurrent Queries based on the number of nodes that you select for LLAP processing and the number of CPUs in the Hive LLAP cluster. The Ambari wizard typically calculates appropriate values for LLAP properties in Interactive Query, so accept the defaults or change the values to suit your environment.

When you enable Interactive Query, the Run as end user and Hive user security settings have no effect. These controls affect batch-processing mode.

  1. In Ambari, select Services > Hive > Configs > Settings.
  2. In Interactive Query, set Enable Interactive Query to Yes:
  3. In Select HiveServer Interactive Host, select the server to host HiveServer Interactive.
    For example, accept the default highlighted server, which is typically a good choice.