Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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LLAP and HiveServer Interactive properties

Using Ambari Services > Hive > Settings, you can check and configure key properties in Interactive Query settings. You can check, configure, or add some LLAP properties in Hive > Services > Configs > Advanced. Knowing the internal names and definitions of the properties helps simplify the LLAP configuration task.

Ambari UI Component Property Access From Description
Custom hiveserver2-interactive-site hive.server2.tez.interactive.queue Services > Hive > Configs The name of a YARN queue for workload management, required for managing workloads
In-Memory Cache per Daemon hive.llap.io.memory.size Interactive Query Memory reserved for in-memory cache (memory per daemon - heap – headroom).
Memory per Daemon hive.llap.daemon.yarn.container.mb Interactive Query Total memory used by LLAP daemons (YARN Container size), which includes memory for daemon cache and query execution (cache + heap + headroom = memory per daemon.) Recommendation: Set to yarn.scheduler.maximum-allocation-mb
Tez Container Size hive.tez.container.size Optimization Change to override java options from map tasks that Tez uses by default. Recommended: 4 – 6 GB recommended, for each executor allocate one VCPU
LLAP Daemon Container Max Headroom llap_headroom_space Advanced hive-interactive-env Maximum headroom reserved from YARN container running LLAP. The upper limit used for automatic size calculations. Actual value might be lower. Minimum: 5 percent of LLAP Daemon Size or 6 GB.
LLAP Daemon Heap Size (MB) llap_heap_size Advanced hive-interactive-env hive.llap.daemon.num.executors * hive.tez.container.size
LLAP Queue Size yarn.scheduler.capacity.root.llap.capacity Capacity Scheduler The capacity as a percentage of total allocated to the queue.
Maximum Total Concurrent Queries hive.server2.tez.sessions.per.default.queue Services > Hive > Configs > Advanced A positive integer that determines the number of Tez sessions (parallelism) launched on each hive.server2.tez.default.queue. Spawns an equal number of TEZ AMs.
Maximum Container Size (Memory) yarn.scheduler.maximum-allocation-mb Services > YARN > Configs > Memory The maximum allocation for every container request at the Resource Manager in MBs. Higher memory capped to this value.
Number of Nodes for Running Hive LLAP Daemon num_llap_nodes_for_llap_daemons Advanced hive-interactive-env Self-explanatory
Number of Executors per LLAP Daemon hive.llap.daemon.num.executors Interactive Query The number of fragments a single LLAP daemon runs concurrently, generally equals yarn.scheduler.maximum-allocation-vcores.
Tez AM coordinator Size tez.am.resource.memory.mb Advanced tez-interactive-site The memory used by the AppMaster only if the value is not explicit in the DAG definition. Same as yarn.scheduler.minimum-allocation-mb.