Scaling Namespaces and Optimizing Data Storage
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Erasure coding policies

To accommodate heterogeneous workloads, files and directories in an HDFS cluster are allowed to have different replication and EC policies.

Each policy is defined by the following 2 pieces of information:

  • The EC Schema: Includes the numbers of data and parity blocks in an EC group (e.g., 6+3), as well as the codec algorithm (for example, Reed-Solomon).
  • The size of a striping cell: Determines the granularity of striped reads and writes, including buffer sizes and encoding work.

HDP supports the Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding algorithm. The system default scheme is Reed-Solomon with 6 data blocks, 3 parity blocks, and a 1024 KB cell size (RS-6-3-1024k).

In addition, the following policies are supported: RS-3-2-1024k (Reed-Solomon with 3 data blocks, 2 parity blocks and 1024 KB cell size), RS-LEGACY-6-3-1024k, and XOR-2-1-1024k.