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Start and stop the NFS Gateway services

You must start the following daemons to run the NFS services on the Gateway: rpcbind (or portmap), mountd, and nfsd. The NFS Gateway process includes both nfsd and mountd. Although NFS Gateway works with portmap included with most Linux distributions, you must use the portmap included in the NFS Gateway package on some Linux systems such as SLES 11 and RHEL 6.2.

  1. Stop the nfs/rpcbind/portmap services provided by the platform.
    service nfs stop

    service rpcbind stop

  2. Start the included portmap package using one of the following commands: hadoop portmap or start portmap.
    You must have root privileges to run these commands.
  3. Start mountd and nfsd using one of the following commands: hdfs nfs3 or start nfs3.
    hdfs nfs3 starts the services as a foreground process while start nfs3 starts the services as a background process.
    No root privileges are required for this command. However, verify that the user starting the Hadoop cluster and the user starting the NFS Gateway are the same.
    If the script starts the NFS Gateway, its log file can be found in the hadoop log folder (/var/log/hadoop).

    For example, if you launched the NFS Gateway services as the root user, the log file would be found in a path similar to the following:


  4. Stop the NFS Gateway services. stop nfs3 stop portmap

Verify the validity of the NFS services