Using Apache HBase to store and access data
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Installing HBase through Ambari

You can use Ambari installation wizard to install and configure Apache HBase for your HDP cluster.

  • Ambari installation wizard

    This wizard is part of the Apache Ambari web-based platform that guides HDP installation, including deploying various Hadoop components, such as HBase, depending on the needs of your cluster. For more information, see the Ambari Install Guide.


Your HBase installation must be the same version as the one that is packaged with the distribution of the HDP stack version that is deployed across your cluster.

Starting with HDP 3.0, the default value of the "yarn.scheduler.capacity.root.<queue>.acl_submit_applications" property is changed to yarn, indicating that only the yarn user can submit applications by default. Any other user (or group) will be able to submit applications to the queue only if the value of the property is explicitly set to that user (or group).