Using Apache HBase to store and access data
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Monitoring Apache HBase clusters through Grafana-based dashboard

If you have an Ambari-managed HBase cluster, you can monitor the cluster performance with Grafana-based dashboards.

Grafana dashboards provide graphical visualizations of data distribution and other boilerplate performance metrics. You can hover over and click graphs to focus on specific metrics or data sets, as well as to redraw visualizations dynamically.

The interactive capabilities of the dashboards can help you to discover potential bottlenecks in your system. For example, you can scan the graphs to get an overview of cluster activity and scroll over a particular time interval to enlarge details about the activity in the time frame to uncover when the data load is unbalanced. Another potential use case is to help you examine if RegionServers need to be reconfigured.

For information about how to access the dashboards and for details about what cluster metrics are displayed, see using Grafana Dashboards in Ambari.